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In theory, the lawyer is a legal expert whose main function is to defend clients in proceedings before the court to enforce their rights and interests. The lawyer performs an advisory role and edits the procedures and legal agreements.

All contested cases since 1999 have helped me gain experience in family matters. I have started for my clients several procedures concerning aspects of life.

The subjects that can be addressed are numerous: the residence and accommodation of children; visiting rights; the exercise of parental authority; the division of family assets and property; alimony; and generally all matters raised by a family reorganization.

However, given the nature of the points mentioned, legal proceedings are in my opinion the last resort to take if we want to deal quickly and effectively with a family dispute and have a solution that meets a real need of the people involved.

Since participatory justice is now an increasingly popular concept, people have to become familiar with other forms of conflict resolution before discussing all issues before the court. Considering that disputes can be exhausting physically, psychologically and financially, it is important that you have the chance to examine all other possibilities of agreement, to finally reach a satisfactory solution.

Following a consultation, we will be in a better position to show you the best approach.

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